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Over 30 North Carolina Best Places Come along as I take my journey to Over 30 North Carolina best places to live.

From the Crystal Coastline (NC beaches) to beautiful mountains shrouded in smoke, two-thousand miles later, my trip to Over 30 North Carolina Best Places to live was complete.

What a great trip and did I find a lot of North Carolina Best Places to live .

I have so much to share with you about Over 30 North Carolina Best Places to live, I’ve had to break it into several articles.

Sit back and relax and come along as we journey to my favorite 30+ North Carolina Best Places to live.

Driving all day, I watched the landscape change from the familiar suburbs of New York and the industry of New Jersey, to the flat farmlands of Delaware.

As I bobbed up and down across the Delaware Memorial Bridge with the cool air blowing off the water, I got my first premonitions of the beautiful Carolina coast. The North Carolina coastline.

Upon my arrival in the North Carolina Outer Banks, I headed straight for the beach.

A couple of families were still lingering together on the mostly empty beach.  As the swollen red sun slipped down the horizon, two small boys played in the surf at their feet.  They were chasing each other and jumping at the breaking waves.

A little girl was playing tag with the tide.  Running to the edge and up again as the foam approached her feet.

Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle were reading books.  Occasionally pausing to referee from the side lines.

They looked like they found the peace they sought when they had left for vacation. Is it possible they lived here?  Was this there North Carolina Best Place to live?

North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

Start Your New Life Right In NC!

I enjoyed the feeling of the fine white sand between my toes. And then, I jumped into the bracing waves.  The cold, salty water replaced hours of sweat, smog and traffic. It swallowed my fatigue whole, and leaving nothing behind.

Feeling refreshed and hungry, I got out of the water and headed back to Route 158.  Route 158 makes up the major transit and commercial artery of the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Easily enough I found a restaurant. While sitting at the bar, I got my first taste of southern hospitality in North Carolina.  A free order of wings, courtesy of a kitchen mistake.

Regardless of the reason for this North Carolina southern hospitality I was ecstatic with the outcome.  As I dropped discarded bones into the plate before me I wondered why this never happens in the Northeast.  At least it had never happened to me before.

Where does all of the mistake food go?

Although it was a Wednesday night, the restaurant was still full of laughter, shouted orders, and the smells of simmering food. A mix of ages and ethnicity filled the place with a jovial atmosphere.  The only way you might stand out is if you spent the night without a smile.

As I pushed the wings away and started another beer, a couple of Jimmy Buffet types began to play on the small stage in the corner of the restaurant. On their guitar and bass, they plucked out beach standbys that were ample desert after my long day.

I fell to sleep that night with the sounds of chirping insects and croaking of frogs mixing with falling water across broad leaves.

The rain began slow at first and then grew heavier. As the heat of the day broke against the cool night air.  Bringing with it peals of thunder which echoed in my dreams.

My first taste of the coastal North Carolina best places to live.

Morning came with hazy skies as the sun melted away the night’s clouds.

I headed south along the North Carolina coastline starting at Kitty Hawk NC.   Moving through the similar towns of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, on NC-158. The road was a straight-shot and already busy early in the morning.

Residents of the North Carolina coastline or did that many people come to the North Carolina beaches for vacation?

Along the side of the road were many beach wear and surf shops.  And plenty of family amusement centers specializing in mini-golf or go-carts.

Older bungalows mixed with the newer development along NC-12 which runs parallel to 158 a bit closer to the beach.

Before long, 158 turned towards Manteo and the mainland.  I hopped onto route 12 to continue south and deeper into North Carolina.

To the left, across fields of ocean grass and marshes was the ocean.  To the right were looming sand dunes with people dotted across the tops.

Here, in proximity to the place where man first learned to fly, Kitty Hawk, are advertisements for hang glider lessons.  Pelicans and other sea birds floated endlessly on waves of hot air rising from the land.

Driving south along the North Carlina coastline with the wind whipping through the car, staring out across the flats and fields, I found little reason to question the Wright Brothers choice of location for their maiden voyage.

Or with people’s continued fascination with this beautiful North Carolina area.  It’s no wonder it is one of the North Carolina Best Places to live.

The North Carolina Outer Banks seemed an area where the land lubber may find a bit of the beach bum in him or herself. Just about anyone could be content to spend a while lost in the salt and sand.

I got as far south as the black and white striped Bodine Lighthouse before having to turn around.

The North Carolina Best Places for Coastal Living…Outer Banks.

Leaving the area to head west, I knew I’d return sometime later on to visit again.

Continue the journey to the North Carolina best places to live….next we go to ….

Be sure to come along on my journey to the North Carolina Best Places To Live!

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