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Winston-Salem NC has a population of about 190,000 people.  This NC Piedmont Best Place comprises much of Forsyth County, which has a total population of 317,810 people.

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NC Piedmont Triad – Winston-Salem NC

Winston-Salem North Carolina is one of the three NC Piedmont Best Place cities of the Piedmont Triad.  Winston-Salem shares the designation with Greensboro NC and High Point NC.

Embracing the example of the Research Triangle, Winston-Salem NC has taken to high technology fields.

What was once the tobacco capital with such companies as RJ Reynolds in the past.

This NC Piedmont Best Place has embraced fields such as biotechnology, which have helped to foster economic growth.

The city center is full of museums, distinctive restaurants and shopping comparable to any other large metropolitan area.

With the cities of Greensboro and High Point each only a half an hour away, shopping options triple at the drop of a hat.

Although Winston-Salem NC is a large city, it enjoys plenty of natural resources as well.

Winston-Salem and the Triad are all located in the lush heartland of Piedmont North Carolina.

There are plenty of golf courses and parks in this NC Piedmont Best Place. This allows people to take a break from their city lives.

Located at the intersection of Interstate 40 which runs east and west, and Route 52 which connects north and south, Winston-Salem has excellent access to the rest of the state and country.

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The Mountain Best Place to live of Asheville NC is about two hour and twenty minutes to the west.  The Banking Capital of Charlotte is about an hour and a half to the south.

And the Research Triangle and three of NC Piedmont Best Place cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hilll are about two hours east.

NC Piedmont Best Place Winston-Salem is a rare find in these changing times.  You might be surprised at what a unique city this really is.

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