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Nicknamed the “Front Porch of the Blue Ridge Mountains.”  NC Piedmont Best Place Shelby North Carolina is located where the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the South

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Front Porch of the Blue Ridge Mountains – Shelby NC

Mountains, in the bustling Piedmont Region.

Shelby was named an “All-American City,” in 1970.  And Shelby was one of North Carolina’s first “Main Street” Communities in the 80′s.

If you’re not familiar with the NC Main Street Program, the Center works to stimulate economic development within the context of historic preservation.

With this guidance usually the town becomes a NC Piedmont Best Place to live.   Any town that committed to their residents and the future would have to be right?

The NC Main Street Program also provides downtown revitalization to assist communities across the country.  And it’s made it’s impact on Shelby’s downtown.

With the creation of an Art’s center where local artisans can sell their works, a historical museum and festivals throughout the year.

Shelby NC is a town that is warm and embracing, feeling small and friendly for the variety of services and beauty it offers.

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All you have to do is take a stroll along the tree-lined streets. Or wander through the business and historic districts. Spend some time in the courthouse square and you’ll know instantly this is a community that cares.

I’m sure you’ll be impressed by this NC Piedmont Best Place and it’s genuine civic pride.

If you find you want some big city life now and then you won’t find much here. And living in this NC Piedmont Best Place may be perfect but for work you may want to travel to nearby Charlotte.

Shelby NC is only an hour outside of Charlotte which is great if you want to work in the city and live in a smaller town.

Using Route 74 which runs east and west you can easily pick up Interstate 26 outside of Upstate Greenville SC and Interstate 85 outside of Charlotte NC.

Shelby’s elevation of nearly 1,000 feet helps to protect it from some of the humidity that lower elevations experience.  Combine this lack of humidity with moderate yearly temperatures, and you have a great area to live, work and play.

An escape to the mountains is convenient, with Asheville NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains only an hour and a half away.

As a bonus, the route to NC Mountain Best Place of Asheville brings you through the lovely towns of Chimney Rock and Forest City NC.

Shelby NC has a population of about 25,000 people and is the county seat of Cleveland County, which has a total population of around 98,000 people.

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