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The NC Piedmont Best Place Sanford NC is known as, “Brick Capital, USA,” for its historical reputation as a brick producing area.

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Brick Capital, USA – Sanford NC

At one time this NC Piedmont Best Place produced about 10% of all the bricks used in the U.S and now its known for its biotechnology industry.

Quite a switch!

Due to it’s proximity to the Research Triangle in the Piedmont region, Sanford continues to grow and serve as home to many who work in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill.

After several years of downtown decay, Sanford was revitalized by the NC Main Street Program. Turning it into the NC Piedmont Best Place it is today.

The N.C. Main Street Center works to stimulate economic development within the context of historic preservation.

The program also provides downtown revitalization developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and utilized by the National Trust Main Street Center to assist communities across the country.

With the NC Main Street Program, the network of streets in downtown Sanford were re-routed to enhance traffic flow and provide greater aesthetics for the city.

Sanford NC continues to be a member of the NC Main Street program.  One of my favorite historic buildings in Sanford is the Temple Theater which is home to the local community theater group.

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A lot of work has gone in to bringing people downtown and fostering good strong community ties to make it a NC Piedmont Best Place.

Sanford has a population of roughly 23,469 people and accounts for about half of the total population of Lee County North Carolina’s 49,040 people.

The climate of Sanford NC allows for outdoor activities almost year round, with an average temperature of around sixty degrees.

In the winter there’s just enough snow to make things look beautiful just not enough to keep you inside for long periods and trust me, residents have no need to stay inside.

All I can say is Sanford North Carolina has something for everyone. If you were wondering about real estate, the median home value in Sanford NC is a little above $88,000.

Let’s just say you can get a lot of housing for your money.

While being a smaller city, Sanford is located only forty-five minutes southwest of Raleigh NC and the Research Triangle Park and two and a half hours from Charlotte NC.

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