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NC Piedmont Best Place known as, “The Paris of the Piedmont.”  Salisbury NC isn’t the first place you would guess to be an artists haven, but one visit to the downtown filled with historic

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The Paris of the Piedmont – Salisbury NC

buildings and galleries proves otherwise.

With its cultural gems, the NC Piedmont Best Place of Salisbury is a small town that feels much larger.

The climate is mild, due to its elevation of 735 feet which raises it above the humidity of the coastal plain, allowing summers to stay cooler and winters warmer.

In the distance, to the north and east, the Appalachian Mountains protect the area from severe precipitation as well.

Salisbury NC has a population of 26,548 people and is located in Rowan County, which has a total population of 133,465 people.

Salisbury provides a perfect location for commuting to a couple of North Carolina’s best metropolitan areas.

Using I-85, which is located right outside the town borders, the nations second largest banking center and another NC Piedmont Best Place Charlotte NC is thirty-five miles south.  And Winston-Salem NC is forty-five minutes north.

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Vacations to the North Carolina Mountains or beaches are also within reach.

Asheville NC and the beautiful western Carolina mountains are two and a half hours to the west.  The beaches of Washington NC and the coastal region lie four hours to the east.

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