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North Carolina “Sandhill Region” – Pinehurst NC

In an area known as the, “Sandhill Region,” Pinehurst NC is famous for its many beautiful golf courses.

And the NC Piedmont Best Place Village of Pinehurst is also very proud of it’s “history, charm and southern hospitality.”

Pinehurst NC and the Sandhill Region were originally settled and designed to serve as a winter retreat for New Englanders.

So if you’re from there you should feel right at home here.

The area has retained much of its New England flavor which is visible in the churches and architecture of the town.

Due to its rich history, vibrant community, top notch golf courses and a climate that allows for outdoor activities most of the year round.

The village of Pinehurst NC continues to draw people from the north as well as other locals.

As if the lure of Golf wasn’t enough, this NC Piedmont Best Place is also rich in culture due to ten colleges being within a two hour radius.  That’s a lot of colleges.

Living in the Village of Pinehurst NC may at times leave you wanting or needing some of the services and amenities of a large city.

But Pinehurst is located just an hour south of the famous Research Triangle Park, made up of Raleigh NC, Durham NC, and Chapel Hill NC.

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Another benefit to this charming Village.  Quiet charming village lifestyle with the amenities of a big, actually three big cities close by.

Route 1 is the main artery in the area that connects the north and south. Interstate 95 is about an hour and fifteen minutes to the east, outside of NC Coastal Best Place Fayetteville NC.  And another NC Piedmont Best Place Greensboro is about an hour and a half north.

Interstate 85 is about two hours to the west, outside of Charlotte NC.

Now I know you may be thinking that since Pinehurst NC is a Village it must have a very small population. But you might be pleased to know the population is roughly 10,744 people and is located in Moore County North Carolina, which has a total population of 79,267 people.

Not only is there golf, but this NC Piedmont Best Place is host to concerts, theatrical performances, equestrian events, street festivals, and have I mentioned the Harness Track?

Check out Pinehurst NC for your NC Piedmont Best Place to live.

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