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This NC Piedmont Best Place to live isn’t just another pretty place!   Known as, “Small Town USA” and “Friendly City,”  Mount Airy NC is also famous for being the birthplace of Andy Griffith.

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Mount Airy NC Piedmont Best Place

Throughout the year, Mount Airy receives ten times more visitors than its number of citizens!   Now that’s a lot of tourists.  How could it not be a NC Piedmont Best Place to live?

One of the reasons for so many visitors is fans of The Andy Griffith Show can visit Floyd’s City Barber Shop, the Old Mayberry Jail, Snappy Lunch, and even Andy’s childhood home.

It might be hard to imagine but the Main Street of Mount Airy revolves around an antique clock that has been keeping time for the residents for decades.

It’s not always easy especially with so many tourists however over the years, Mount Airy NC has maintained its friendly, homespun, community.  A feeling and way of operating that many other towns in North Carolina have left behind.

Again another reason I couldn’t not list it as a NC Piedmont Best Place to live.

Mount Airy has a population of 8,484 people and is located in Surry County North Carolina, which has a total population of 72,278 people.

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It’s located minutes from Route 52 and west of Interstate 77.  Which means Mount Airy residents can get to other parts of  North Carolina with ease.

Mount Airy North Carolina is near the Virginia border in the northwestern corner of North Carolina.

The NC Piedmont Best Place Winston-Salem NC is forty-five minutes south.  A smaller mountain town of Boone NC is about an hour and forty minutes to the southeast.  And Piedmont Charlotte NC is about the same distance due south.

Whether it is the scenic location in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, its TV heritage, or the friendly atmosphere where it seems that everyone knows each other, Mount Airy NC is a place where everyone feels at home.

Could be you may want to call this NC Piedmont Best Place home too!  I may just see you there.

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