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NC Piedmont Best Place Monroe is recognized as a haven from the big city bustle.   Monroe NC is well lit with tree lined streets.  It’s filled with architectural gems which gives its residents a small town feel.  But this small town feel doesn’t mean having to give up everyday conveniences and perks.

You may have guessed it!

Monroe NC is located within 40 minutes of NC Piedmont Best Place~Charlotte metropolitan area.  And it’s located off two major state roads, Routes 74 and 1009.

Monroe is easily accessed.

Living in the NC Piedmont Best Place of Monroe NC is like having the best of both worlds.

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A smaller town atmosphere (Monroe is actually a city) with the availability of the Second Largest Banking Center in U.S..

But that doesn’t mean this NC Piedmont Best Place doesn’t have a life of its own.   Monroe North Carolina’s commercial district is filled with hotels, national restaurants and business chains and is located on Route 74.

Along Route 74, farmland is rapidly giving way to business and industrial enterprises.

Monroe is the largest city and the county seat of Union County North Carolina; it has a population of 40,806 people of Union County’s total population of 147,986 people.

As with most of North Carolina, growth is hitting the rest of Union County as well as Monroe. This rapid growth shouldn’t worry advocates of the quaint downtown that Monroe enjoys.

Monroe NC city planners have used limiting zoning regulations and permit procedures to help protect the character of the downtown district.

Definitely take a look at Monroe NC as a possible NC Piedmont Best Place for you to relocate or retire.

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