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This NC Piedmont Best Place is host to many cultural activities.  Yep, the city of Lincolnton NC is set up as a North Carolina classic downtown, centered around a stately courthouse.

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Piedmont Best Place Lincolnton NC

From the center of town, four main roads divide the city into quadrants.

Residents of Lincolnton NC appreciate the old flavor of the town and the way people feel connected.

East Lincolnton is near the waters of beautiful Lake Norman.  So as you can imagine if water sports are part of what makes you happy, there isn’t a lack of things to do in this NC Piedmont Best Place.

While West Lincolnton is an area full of deep brown farm land and green rolling hills. Any gardeners in the house?

In addition to its natural variety, Lincolnton NC is near a plethora of different cities to visit.

Which makes services and goods of a larger metro area available. Not to mention you can work in a large city and it’s easily commutable.

Lincolnton NC sits just to the west of Route 321 which connects the town to Interstate 40 in the north and Interstate 85 in the south.

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Interstate 85 takes you to the large metro NC Piedmont Best Place of Charlotte NC in about forty-five minutes.

For a smaller city NC Piedmont Best Place to live you can be in Gastonia NC in about twenty minutes.

And the furniture capital of Hickory NC is half an hour away.

If you want to get away from it all, the mountains are within easy reach to the west.  And if you love the beach, Wilmington NC and the coast are about four hours away, to the southeast.

Lincolnton NC has a population of 10,925 people and is the county seat of Lincoln County, which has a total population of 76,043 people.

As one of the small towns outside of Charlotte the NC Piedmont Best Place of Lincolnton NC combines accessibility to a top metro area’s services with its own small-town charms.

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