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The countryside surrounding NC Piedmont Best Place of Lexington NC is filled with green, rolling hills.

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“Hickory Smoked Barbecue Capital of the World”- Lexington NC

Temperatures stay comfortable through the year, with summer averages hovering around eighty degrees and winter lows in the upper twenties.

Seriously, could you really want better weather?

Lexington North Carolina serves as an ideal location for most services, recreation, and travel needs.  Hence just one of the reasons it’s considered a NC Piedmont Best Place to live.

And if you love to eat….barbecue that is, Lexington is known as the “Hickory Smoked Barbecue Capital of the World”.

With over 20 restaurants specializing in barbecue, for a population of only 30,000, the title seems well earned. Seriously you have to check out the BBQ in Lexington.

Lexington is in the central Piedmont region of the North Carolina, just north of High Rock Lake.

Sitting at the junction of I-85 and NC-52, Lexington NC is conveniently located.

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Just a short half-hour south of NC Piedmont Best Places Winston-Salem NC, Greensboro NC and High Point NC.  All of which make up the Piedmont Triad.

Lexington NC is an hour south from the countries second largest banking center of Charlotte NC . So if you don’t mind the drive, it could be your NC Piedmont Best Place to live and work in a big city.

And if the mountains or beaches are your favorite outdoor activities, residents of Lexington are only an hour and a half from the beautiful western Carolina mountains and four hours from the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

Lexington NC has a population of 20,213 people and is the county seat of Davidson County North Carolina, which has a total population of 158,582 people.

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