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Hickory NC Piedmont Best Place is in the scenic heartland  and was named for the Hickory Tavern, which provided a rest for fatigued travelers.

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“Furniture Capital of the World”- Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory’s location is ideal for the movement of people or products.

NC Piedmont Best Place Hickory has a population of about 41,469 people and is located in Catawba County which has a total population of 159,125 people.

Known as the, “Furniture Capital of the World,” Hickory NC did you know that it accounts for sixty percent of the country’s furniture production?

I know where I’m going when I want to buy furniture!

Hickory NC just off the intersection of I-40, which runs to the east and west, and Route 321 which heads to the north.

Hickory is in a good position to get to the NC mountains in the west or the economic centers of Piedmont NC Best Places of Winston-Salem  and Greensboro in the middle of the state.

The beautiful mountains and best place to live of Asheville NC is an hour and twenty minutes to the west and also in the NC Mountains and a best place to live,  Boone NC is a little over an hour to the north.

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Charlotte NC is only about an hour to the south and Winston-Salem is about an hour and fifteen minutes to the east.

Hickory NC has continued its tradition as a traveler’s den with its furniture industry.

More than half a million people come to Hickory NC every year to shop at the furniture outlets. Although furniture remains a main-stay, the land surrounding Hickory offers plenty of natural beauty as well.

To the immediate north and west in North Carolina there are lakes and rivers to enjoy for just about any type of outdoor activity you might like.   And to the west are the protected lands of the Pisgah National Forest.

And if you’re thinking about jobs in your NC Piedmont Best Place to live, Hickory didn’t rank to bad in the Forbes Annual Best Places for Business and Careers.

All and all, the NC Piedmont Best Place to live of Hickory is worth checking out.  It just might make it onto your list!

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