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The Piedmont North Carolina Best Place of Greensboro NC is filled with crisp leaved, hardwood trees.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Place Greensboro To Live

Piedmont Greensboro NC Best Place To Live

Much of the city of this Piedmont North Carolina best place has buildings with architecture that make you feel as though you are in a small town, rather than a bustling city.

Greensboro NC ranks 16th in the nation for Art campaign dollars spent per capita.

This commitment to the Arts is shown in the many museums, galleries and theaters in this best place.

Restaurants of national repute, a vibrant music scene and an assortment of nightlife options round-off this centrally located city.

With the nickname of “The City of Connections,” Greensboro North Carolina is located in the middle of several major arteries.

US Interstates 40, 73, 85 and NC-421, 220, and 29 all meet in coastal Greensboro NC.

Living in Greensboro puts you in striking distance of many of Piedmont North Carolina best places to live.

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Greensboro NC has a population of 225,061 people and comprises about half of Guildford County. Guilford County NC has a total population of 480,362 people as of the 2010 Census.

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