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The NC Piedmont Best Place of Gastonia NC is becoming an economic hub for the shopping and commercial needs of the smaller towns surrounding it.

NC Piedmont Best Place Retire Or Relocate Gastonia NC

Gastonia NC Piedmont Best Place

The careful planning of the city has also been enhanced by the large area the city encompasses, allowing people enough space to not feel crowded.

Gastonia is right outside of Charlotte NC.  Which makes it perfect for commuting if you choose to work in the big city.

And although Gastonia has experienced growth as of recent years, it has maintained its small town feeling.

NC Piedmont Best Place Gastonia has been able to maintain its small town feeling largely due to the vision and planning of the city government.

The city is very committed to the vision and planning in regards to business and neighborhood development.

Gastonia NC has a population of 72,934 people and is located in Gaston county North Carolina, which has a population of 208,958 people.

Located at the intersection of Interstate 85 and the NC Route 321, which is a major thoroughfare.  NC Piedmont Best Place Gastonia NC has good highway accessibility which has and will continue to help it grow and prosper.

Charlotte NC is just a half hour east and, Piedmont Hickory NC is about forty minutes away,the mountains of Boone NC and Asheville NC are both about an hour and forty-five minutes away.

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To the south, Rock Hill South Carolina and Spartanburg SC are both about an hour away.

Overall, the NC Piedmont Best Place of Gastonia NC  is a safe area, with good schools and growth that promises a bright future.

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