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The NC Piedmont Best Place To Live Forest City is the largest municipality in Rutherford County and is set in the western North Carolina  foothills.

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Breathtaking Views From Best Place Forest City NC

I don’t know about you but I have seen this picture everywhere lately.

Magazines, websites and yes, here!

I can’t speak for the others but I’ve been there, taken this picture and no matter how beautiful it is, being there in person is better.

It doesn’t really matter is you like mountains or not the view is breathtaking.

And of course with a view like this, Forest City has to be a NC Piedmont Best Place To Live.

Due to its elevation and proximity to the mountains, Forest City’s climate benefits from its location in an isothermal belt.

To scientists, this means that the area is located at the junction of hills and mountains, which causes warm air to become trapped there.

To you this means more moderate winters and a fall that lasts a bit longer.  With more beautiful colors to see, and temperate weather and moderate precipitation all year long.

One of Forest City NC best attributes is its great location.

And while the picture may give you the impression it is very remote…it is located in the middle of several larger NC Piedmont Best Places to live metro areas.

Which means, you can always commute to a larger city to work and still live with this view.

Only an hour away are the cities of:

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While a bit smaller but a NC Mountain best place to live, the city of Hendersonville NC is about forty-five minutes away.  Hendersonville has a great downtown area and don’t miss their gardeners craft fair each year.  Wow!!!!!

NC Piedmont Best Place To Live Forest City has excellent highway access to great cities and spots for outdoor activities.

Routes 74 and 74-Alt., connect with Interstates 40, 26 and 85, all within a half an hour drive.

Forest City NC has a population of 6,963 people and is located in Rutherford County North Carolina, which has a total population of 63,415 people.

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