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NC Piedmont Best Place Durham NC is located in the middle of Raleigh NC and Chapel Hill NC, the three cities combine to make up the prestigious Research Triangle Area.

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The downtown of Durham is undergoing restoration and transformation.

Although the restoration is centered around the renovations of the downtown as you walk the city streets you’d still think it a bit sleepy.

Old tobacco factories are being given a second breath as they are turned into office buildings, while keeping the character of the historic setting.

This NC Piedmont Best Place of course offers top notch health care, education and culture.  And believe it or not a small-town feel where you are likely to bump into a friend on any given day.

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Durham has a population of 229,174 people and is located in Durham County North Carolina, which has a total population of 269,706 people.

Also known as “Bull City” and today with over 300 medical-related facilities and businesses employing over a quarter of its residents, Durham NC now calls itself “The City of Medicine.”

While there is plenty to keep you in Durham NC, getting out of town is also easy. Interstate 40 is just a few minutes south of the town center, while Interstate 85 is just on the northern border.

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