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Charlotte North Carolina is known as, “The Queen City,” and, “The Gateway to the New South,” and is a NC Piedmont Best Places To Live.  Clearly Charlotte and it’s surrounding towns and communities benefit from a rich past and a clear future.

Charlotte NC is growing quickly, but carefully and conscientiously.

Combining careful neighborhood planning with increased mass transportation systems and greenspaces in major downtown areas.

Charlotte NC has been able to grow while keeping an eye on the environment and aesthetics of the city.

Blessed with a naturally favorable climate, Charlotte has also been able to cultivate a strong business environment.

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As one of the NC Piedmont Best Places To Live, Charlotte recently climbed to the top five in the nation.  Top five in the number of Fortune 500 business headquarters located here that is.  So that should make finding a job in Charlotte a bit easier.

Charlotte NC sits just north of the South Carolina border.  It is almost a short two hours east of Asheville NC and the Blue Ridge North Carolina Mountains.

And only about three hours southwest of the Research Triangle and more NC Piedmont Best Places To Live. Raleigh, NC, Durham and Chapel Hill.

And if your idea of a great weekend getaway is the beach, the NC coast is only three hours east.

Major interstates connect Charlotte in every direction with quick and convenient travel.  I-77 runs to the north and south, while I-85 runs to the east and west.

Charlotte NC has a population of 709,441 people and is the county seat of Mecklenburg County North Carolina, which has a total population of 913,639 people.

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