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The January 2004 issue of Money Magazine rated Cary NC as, “The Best City in the East,” and, “One of the Six Hottest Cities in the Country”.

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Piedmont NC Best Places of Cary has grown quickly.  Tripling in size from 1970 to 1980, but town planners were careful to maintain the small-town feel.

Cary NC is located just outside some of the major players on the list of NC Best Places.  Raleigh NC and the prestigious Research Triangle.  The North Carolina Research Triangle consists of Raleigh, Durham NC and Chapel Hill NC.

As a result of this proximity, Cary NC is consistently rated one of the NC Best Places to live, retire or work in the country.

Nearly half of the residences are located in three master planned communities which incorporate homes, green spaces and businesses.

The feeling of community is so complete that the local children have nick-named one of the neighborhood roads, “Friend Street”.

Cary NC has a population of 136,600 people and is located in Wake County North Carolina, which has a total population of 897,214 people.

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Access in and out of Cary NC is outstanding, with Interstate 40 running east and west, located about fifteen minutes to the north of town.

it’s not difficult to see why Cary is on my list of NC Best Places to live.  It’s located within striking distance of several of North Carolina’s top cities. Raleigh is about fifteen minutes away, as is Apex NC.

Durham and Chapel Hill are both about a half hour away.

Coastal Wilmington NC is about two hours and fifteen minutes.

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