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The only rush hour noise in NC Mountain Best Place To Live Sylva, is created by the instruments of the land.  The water and wind creating the rhythm, birds singing the melody on top.

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Sylva NC

This NC Mountain best place to live is a friendly place, actually named after a Danish traveler who passed through the area in 1879, and decided to stay for a number of years, helping to build the town before moving on.

The town of Sylva NC has evolved into a NC Main Street Community, with businesses and restaurants located in the heart of town.

Before they became a NC Main Street Community, the road meanders back into the winding mountains, as quietly as it came.

Adding to beautiful location of this NC Mountain best place to live is the fact that access to Interstate 40 is only about a half an hour drive east.

The nearest large city is another NC Mountain Best Place To Live.   The city of Asheville, NC, an hour to the east.

Sylva NC has a population of 2,450 people and is the county seat of Jackson County, which has a total population of 33,121 people.

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Just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Sylva NC is a natural playground in the heart of the Pisgah National Forest, surrounded by mountain peaks and valleys filled with cool, clear streams and tumbling waterfalls.

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