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A small town, high in the mountains sits NC Mountain Best Place To Live Saluda.    Its location was once lauded for its restorative properties in the days of tuberculosis and malaria.

This NC Mountain best place to live town was also once a major resort town and a place where generations of Carolinian’s spent their summers.

Today, Saluda NC has become a NC Mountain best place to live and haven for those suffering from a case of the everyday grind.

The town of Saluda, with its 5.2 acre downtown filled with old railroad era buildings, has been designated a National Historic District.

Can you imagine living in a town where the main street, Highway 176, has been declared a Scenic Highway?

And that’s not all… the neighborhoods of Saluda NC are filled with graceful Victorian homes and gentle sidewalks.

Located near the South Carolina border in the Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills of northwestern North Carolina.

Being this close to the beautiful mountains provide this NC Mountain best place to live with a mild year round climate.

Population of only around 703 people Saluda NC is located in Polk County, which has a total population of 18,824 people.  This is definitely a great place for North Carolina small town living.

Enjoying the climatic protection of a thermal belt region, the weather of Saluda is typically much more temperate than many surrounding areas, allowing residents to bask in the sun during the summers, while people only thirty miles away may have to hide in the shade.

Saluda NC shares its beautiful North Carolina mountain setting with the surrounding picturesque towns of Brevard, Tryon, Flat Rock and Chimney Rock.  All of which are within an hours drive.

So there’s plenty to do both within Saluda and the neighboring towns.

Larger cities nearby include, Hendersonville NC, twenty minutes to the northwest and Asheville NC, forty minutes north on I-26, which runs right through Hendersonville.

Asheville has all the amenities and services any larger city would offer at just a short drive away.

Enjoy NC Mountain best place to live small town living in Saluda and still have access to great dining, music venues and shopping any time.

Saluda NC is also located two hours from Piedmont best place to live of  Charlotte NC and forty-five minutes from the Upstate best place to live of  Spartanburg-Greenville area of South Carolina.

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Now I call it a haven for those looking to leave behind the everyday grind.

Count on a median home sales price around $235,000, beautiful historic homes, and a size small enough that you’ll probably call everyone there your neighbor.

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