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Fontana Village NC is in some of the most secluded and beautiful country that North Carolina has to offer.

NC Mountain Best Place Fontana Village

Mountain Living In Fontana Village NC

Located in the northwestern corner of the state, NC Mountain Best Place Fontana Village is set off of the Appalachian Trail, in the crux of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains.

If solitude and a peaceful lifestyle are what you’re looking for, head to Fontana Village NC.

This NC Mountain Best Place is in the protected lands of the Nantahala National Forest and the population density of Graham County is an incredibly low 27 persons per square mile, whereas the state average is about 173 people per square mile.

Fontana Village NC is a small NC Mountain Best Place  with a population of about 868 people, in Graham County, which has a total population of about 8,001 people.

The heart of this North Carolina Mountain area is comprised of the forty mile long, Fontana Lake and the Fontana Dam, the largest in the eastern US.  And it is awesome to see!

The movie industry has paid homage to the area, with movies such as Nell being filmed in there, capturing the raw beauty of the NC mountains and forests.

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Even while living in the midst of such a pristine setting, in a small NC Mountain best place town, larger towns are nearby.

Local Routes 129 and 28 connect with the Interstates to the east and west.

Knoxville TN is about an hour and a half to the west, and another NC Mountain Best Place -  Asheville is about two hours to the east.

The closest larger town to Fontana Village NC is Bryson City NC, which is about a half an hour on the way to Asheville.

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