North Carolina Mountain Best Places Cashiers


North Carolina Mountain Best Places Cashiers NC

Cashiers NC

The North Carolina Mountain Best Places town of Cashiers and its people have left the hustle and bustle of city life behind. 

Instead they’ve come to the North Carolina Mountain Best Places to embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding land.

How about you?  Ready to leave the city life and craziness behind and live in one of the smaller North Carolina Mountain Best Places?

Cashiers NC has no shortage of beautiful land as it is set in the middle of three National Forests, including the Nantahala, the Pisgah and Chattahoochee National Forests.

Laying in the southern corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains, at 3,500 feet, Cashiers NC sleeps in the valley created by the higher peaks around it.

This is truly one of the most beautiful North Carolina Mountain best paces is in the middle of the mountains.

There’s plenty of water around Cashiers NC, with an average of eighty inches of precipitation per year.  Okay so it’s better than snow right?

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If you like the outdoors, there are countless waterfalls, streams, creeks, rivers and lakes that provide opportunities to fish, swim, or float along in a boat, canoe or kayak.

Cashiers NC has a population of 214 people and is located in Jackson County, which has a total population of 36,891 people. Cashiers is the quintessential, small North Carolina mountain best places town.

There is only one stoplight in the town, at the intersection of US 64, which runs east and west, and NC 107, which runs north and south.

The nearest larger towns are Highlands, which is about a half hour away, and Brevard NC, which is about forty-five minutes away. Asheville NC and Greenville SC are both about two hours away.

Explore North Carolina and find Your Best Place for Retirement or Relocation.

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