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In the, “Land of Waterfalls,” and the home of the white squirrel, lies the NC Mountain Best Place of Brevard.  

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Brevard NC Land of Waterfalls

A population of 7,553 people, located in Transylvania County North Carolina, which has a total population of 32,849 people.

Brevard NC lives up to its nickname.

Over 200 waterfalls grace the area with their flow, ranging in intensity from a thunderous drop to mild bubbles sliding down slick, black rock.

NC Mountain Best Place Brevard is also blessed with many acres of protected forest to enjoy in Pisgah National Forest.

Brevard is a quaint mountain home for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural gurus alike.

In the town of Brevard NC there are cultural, shopping and dining options to satisfy the most demanding appetite.

Brevard NC is located in the southwestern area of the state and is about twenty minutes north of the South Carolina border.

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Road access in and around this NC Mountain Best Place is adequate with Route 64 leading to the east and west and Route 276 running north and south.

Interstate 26 is about forty-five minutes away, outside of Hendersonville North Carolina which is another NC Mountain Best Place.

Other nearby large towns, outside of Brevard, include Asheville NC which is about an hour north, Greenville SC, about an hour and fifteen minutes to the south and Charlotte NC, which is about two and a half hours to the east.

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