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To talk about the best places in the NC mountains would not be complete if I didn’t talk about Blowing Rock NC.

Best Places In The NC Mountains To Live - Blowing Rock NC

Blowing Rock NC

The town of Blowing Rock NC got its name from the four-thousand foot cliffs that tower over the Johns River.

When standing on those cliffs, on a windy day, you can experience an upward gust so powerful that you can toss a light object over the edge and have it blown back up at you.

If heights make you nervous, the down should provide a safe and enjoyable respite.

Blowing Rock NC has a population of 1,235 people and is located in Watauga County North Carolina, which has a total population of 45,479 people.

The town of Blowing Rock NC is known for its vibrant arts scene with its Main Street full of galleries and workshops.

About six miles away is another Best Places In The NC Mountains ~ Boone North Carolina.

Boone which is home to Appalachian State University and has a population of 17,774 people.

So as you can imagine while the population in Blowing Rock or Boone may be small the residents view each other frequently.

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I will warn you the population of Blowing Rock has decreased a bit in the last few years.  You have to love the mountains, a milder climate and snow. It’s possible you may want to consider Blowing Rock as your North Carolina Mountain getaway instead.

Getting to Winston-Salem NC is an easy, two hour drive east along Route 421.

The drive to Asheville NC follows the Blue Ridge Parkway to the south-west, which is also two about hours, but a bit more challenging.

Blowing Rock NC is the only incorporated town located directly on the Blue Ridge Highway which provides visitors with plenty of chances for breathtaking views, from the safety of their automobile.

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