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Black Mountain NC is the epitome of a NC Best Places small town in the mountains with businesses centered around the joys of life, music, relaxing in fine furniture or enjoying a meal with friends.

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Black Mountain NC Piedmont Best Place

With the mountains behind you and gorgeous views in front, its easy to feel at home just about anywhere in this cozy mountain paradise.

Just outside of another of our NC Best Places, Asheville NC , Black Mountain NC is a small town known as the, “Front Porch of Western North Carolina.

Most of the families have been in Black Mountain NC for generations.  And most will remain for years to come working in the businesses and workshops they have owned for generations.

It must be hard to leave, once you know how good life can be in the North Carolina mountains.

People who visit feel a desire to pull up a chair and sit awhile.

Getting in and out of Black Mountain NC is easy with Interstate 40 running to the east and the west.

Route 9 brings you to the south, while Route 221 brings you to points northeast and Interstate 26 connects with points to the northwest.

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NC Best Places of Asheville is only twenty minutes to the west, Hendersonville NC forty-five minutes to the south and Hickory NC is an hour to the east.

Black Mountain NC has a population of 7,910 people and is located in Buncombe County North Carolina, which has a total population of 231,452 people.

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