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The NC Coastal best place to live of Wilmington sits on the banks of the Cape Fear River.

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Coastal NC Best Places To Live Wilmington

A well-known Coastal NC best places to live city, Wilmington is rich in history.

Once known as, “The Port of Pleasure and Progress,” coastal Wilmington NC used to make its living through shipping.

While the ports are still open and doing business, Wilmington now prospers off a thriving film industry and tourism.

No kidding…more movies than you might know have been made in this Coastal NC best places to live.

If you like history, Wilmington’s downtown is one of the largest districts on the National List of Historic Places.

So there’s plenty to see and a lot of historical places to visit.

The historic downtown encompasses about 230 blocks that are filled with multi-use buildings, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, offices and residences, all with their own historic flair.

Historic tours are offered via horse and carriage, trolley or a guided walk by one of Wilmington’s residents. Or just stroll along the streets and explore for yourself.

One of the exciting parts of relocating or retiring to a new area is that for a time, you get to be a tourist of sorts.

There are so many new things to do and places to experience.  So while some things may seem geared toward tourists, in the slower months, take advantage of everything Wilmington North Carolina has to offer and get to know the area.

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One of the reasons most people that decide the Coastal NC best places to live of Wilmington is their best place is no doubt the ocean.

If you love the beaches and the lifestyle living close provides, you’re going to love Wilmington.

I couldn’t believe what a short drive it was from downtown Wilmington to the beaches!

East and south of the city center are the beautiful, white sand beaches:

  • Kure Beach
  • Carolina Beach
  • Wrightsville Beach

Located in the southeastern corner of coastal North Carolina, Wilmington NC provides access to many great beaches, and other Southern cities.

Piedmont NC best places to live of Raleigh and the Research Triangle is only two hours north.

The Coastal South Carolina best places to live of Myrtle Beach is about an hour and a half south, and Charleston and it’s wonderful city and beaches is about three and a half hours south.

Watch our video and take a tour of  Wilmington Coastal NC best places to live.

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