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Coastal NC best places to live Washington holds the distinction as being the first town named after our first president.

General George Washington, and as you would imagine, this Coastal NC best places to live has a rich history.

At the heart of the Inner Banks, Washington is comprised of a grid-work collection of streets.

As it sits on the banks of the Pamlico River, a place where pines sip from flowing waters.

The river links Washington to the Pamlico Bay, the North Carolina Outer Banks and finally the Atlantic Ocean.

Which shouldn’t surprise you how it provides an environment of economic viability and natural beauty.

The scenic waterfront and downtown sections of this Coastal NC best places to live are filled with 19th century buildings,  stately homes and beautiful gardens.

A landscape that reminds residents and visitors of when the town was a shipping center.

But Washington NC doesn’t stop there.

There are fine dining restaurants, antique stores, art galleries and performing arts centers.

Today, as one of the Coastal NC best places to live, Washington continues to embrace its past.  However,  its location provides easy access to the waterways that continues to help it grow.

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The waterway has also helped other Coastal NC best places to live towns and cities to become prosperous.

Coastal NC best places to live such as Edenton to the north and Morehead City to the south.

Route 17 runs north and south, and Route 264 runs east and west connecting Washington with the rest of the North Carolina mainland.

Greenville is only twenty-five minutes to the west, while coastal New Bern is only about an hour to the south.

In the Piedmont region, the North Carolina best places to live cities of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill of the Research Triangle are only about two hours west.

If being by the water and not necessarily on the ocean is your idea of the perfect place I urge you to check out Washington NC.

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