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For a long time now people have known about the North Carolina Best PlacesOuter Banks in for the pristine beaches of white sand lapped by clear blue water.  And in recent years, growing notoriety of being in the path of many tropical storms and hurricanes.

Coastal Living North Carolina Best Places To Retire Or Relocate - Outer Banks NCSome people believe the Outer Banks of North Carolina have become a little too well known no matter the reason.

During the summer season many of the beaches of the Banks, including Kitty Hawk, Duck and Nags Head to the north, and Morehead City NC, Emerald Isle, Salter Path and Atlantic Beach to the south become crowded and congested.

Tourists and residents alike are forced to crawl along the one lane road that runs in and out of the area.

As these places cater to the tourist industry that sustain them, they sacrificed some of the character that smaller, quieter towns have retained.

The Duck, Kitty Hawk and Nags Head area is not much more than a commercialized strip.  The resorts of Emerald Isle, Salter Path and Atlantic Beach surrounding Morehead City have become full of the go-cart racing, arcade shooting and family-fun centers.  And while it’s great to have entertainment other than the beach, even many families are a bit put off.

True, you have all the necessities and large homes right on the water (although right next to each.)  Lost in the shuffle are the quaint shops and quiet moments of true respite that temper our hectic lives.  However, if you like lots of people this may be a great area for you.

During the summer months, a calm slice of secluded beach on the Outer Banks has become a commodity hotter than the sun overhead.

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