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Tarboro NC Coastal Best Places To Live

The motto of this NC Coastal Best Place to live is

“Rich in History…Real Southern Living”

Tarboro NC is a Colonial small town and if the fact that it is a Coastal NC best places to live isn’t enough.

It also has one of the largest historic districts in North Carolina.

If you love history and beautiful architecture you’ll love the 45 blocks of beautiful old homes and parks.

And this Coastal NC best places to live is home to one of the two original town commons left in the United States.

Now that is something to boast about.

As a Coastal NC best places to live, Tarboro is actually one of the oldest towns in North Carolina.

Also known for being rich in agriculture once you’ve been to Tarboro I think you’ll agree the sense of community the residents have is pretty rich as well.

As if history and agriculture isn’t enough, one of the best things about Tarboro is where it is located.

I know you’re saying….”Bob it’s a Coastal NC best places to live so what’s the mystery?”.

The North Carolina Coastal Plain makes up almost half of the state and can be broken up into three parts:

  1. the immediate coast
  2. the tidewater area and;
  3. the interior section that connects with the Piedmont Plateau

Tarboro is situated between the North Carolina Piedmont Region and the Outer Banks.  Needless to say it’s location is a major plus. 

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Just off Route 64 which runs west to Rocky Mount NC, about 21 minutes away, with access to I-40 and I-95 just a few minutes past the city.

The Piedmont NC best places to live of Raleigh in the Research Triangle and the state Capitol is about an hour and fifteen minutes west.

And the college town and Coastal NC best places to live of Greenville is about 45 minutes south.

Although Tarboro is considered Coastal North Carolina, it’ll take about an hour to get to the beautiful beaches just past Washington.

Still this makes Coastal Tarboro NC a central location for anyone who loves city life, beaches and relaxation.  And who said you can’t have it all?

Have I mentioned that while Tarboro NC may not have beaches it does have the Tar River?

You may want to spend your free time at the Riverfront Park in downtown Tarboro which has 25 acres of pretty amazing cypress lowland.

And if you like boating, bring it along as the park also has a boat ramp for easy access to the river for boating and fishing.

As you can see, Coastal Tarboro NC is pretty centrally located with a variety of selection for bigger city amenities and services.

With a mild climate, cultural and educational amenities and access to quality medical care who wouldn’t consider this a Coastal NC Best Places to live?

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