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A small, nostalgic NC Coastal best places to live Village.

Oriental NC is free from much of the traffic of other coastal cities and towns.

This NC Coastal best places to live is located at the southern end of the Pamlico Sound.

It provides access to the Neuse River which is the widest river in the USA.

The Neuse River then provides access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean beyond it.

If owning a boat or if you want to own a boat in your NC Coastal best places to live this would be perfect.

In town, the number of boats nearly triples the number of people.  Wow I can’t imagine.

Boating anyone?

With such a proportion, this NC Coastal best places to live earns its title as the, “Sailing Capital of North Carolina.

The harbor lifestyle that Oriental NC offers has attracted many artists and like minded people. During the year, there are many festivals and artistic installments scattered throughout the town.

The North Carolina Coastal plain makes up almost half of North Carolina and can be broken up into three parts.

And if living in one of the NC Coastal best places to live is your thing, make sure you understand which of the three parts you are interested in.

Oriental NC is nestled within the inner banks.  It  sits along the beautiful Neuse River.

Throughout, Oriental is intertwined with several smaller creeks so the boating season never ends.

Year-round sailing, cruising, kayaking, canoeing and fishing.  And if you enjoy racing, there are regattas just about every month of the year.

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The Oriental NC Coastal best places to live has a population of 899 people in the town.  And about 2,300 in the immediate area as of the 2010 Census.

Oriental is located in Pamlico County North Carolina, which has a total population of 13,422 people.

Outside the Oriental town limits, there are other NC Coastal best places to live to explore as well.

Route 55 runs through town and eventually leads to the larger and more heavily trafficked Route 70, which connects to the rest of the North Carolina mainland.

Along the North Carolina coastline, New Bern is an hour away, and Morehead City is an hour and a half from town.

The larger NC Coastal best places to live cities of Greenville, Kinston, Jacksonville  and Washington still considered coastal North Carolina.  However are all about an hour and forty minutes away on the mainland.

The closest place to pick up an Interstate is about two hours and fifteen minutes away, outside of Goldsboro NC.

While somewhat remote as part of the inner banks of North Carolina, Oriental is peaceful, beautiful and an outdoor water enthusiasts dream.

Oriental NC is a great place to bring up a family or relax and enjoy retirement. Consider NC Coastal best places to live as your possible new home.

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