New Bern Coastal NC How Sweet It Is!


Residents of the Coastal NC best places to live of New Bern enjoy all the benefits of small town life.

New Bern Coastal NC Best Places To Live

New Bern NC

However… with its medium sized population, New Bern has the amenities of larger cities.

New Bern NC is the second oldest city in North Carolina, founded in 1710.

New Bern is full of historical landmarks to explore and calls itself “North Carolina’s Gateway.”

And did you know it is the birthplace of Pepsi?

New Bern NC has a population of 30,000 people and is located in Craven County North Carolina, which has a total population of about 104,000 people.

Pamlico County adjoins Craven County to the east and is experiencing brisk growth as is much of the Coastal NC best places to live.

Situated at the confluence of the Nuese and Trent Rivers, New Bern NC is nestled between the coast and the Croatan National Forest’s 157,000 acres.

The beaches of this Coastal NC best places to live are white sand and crystal clear blue water.  While that is a huge attraction, there is so much more to New Bern than it’s beaches.

The Coastal NC best places to live of New Bern is an up and coming venue for the arts and artists.

The city prides itself on:

  • galleries and art studios
  • live music
  • active local theatres
  • festivals
  • and year round special events

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Start Your New Life Right In Coastal North Carolina!

Yes, this Coastal NC best places to live is surrounded by beautiful land and a great climate.

As New Bern is located about half-way down the North Carolina coast, it is also in a good position for its residents to visit other nearby larger towns.

About half an hour south in Havelock, at Cherry Point, is the world’s largest Marine Corps air station, which is open for tours.

The beaches of Morehead City and Atlantic Beach are only about an hour south of New Bern NC.

Other close NC best places to live towns and cities include:

Discover more about Coastal NC Best Place New Bern NC and find your best places to live in North Carolina.

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