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Morehead City has some of the Coastal NC Best Places to live beaches!

Morehead City Coastal NC Best Places To Live Beaches

Beaches of Morehead City NC

Definitely looks like fun to me.  And right about now I’d love to be there.

Warm weather, laughter, sandy beaches and the Atlantic ocean.

Usually when I think about North Carolina I think of the beauty of the mountains and then….

I visit the Coastal NC best places to live beaches and I am reminded of how awesome Morehead City NC is.

North Carolina really does have it all and Morehead City is just one of the many Coastal NC Best Places to live.

Located on a peninsula, there’s water as far as the eye can see.  

Morehead City is bordered on the south by the inland waterway and on the east by the Newport River.  And the Atlantic Ocean just beyond that.

This NC best places to live beach location provides good access to the land, as it does to the water.

NC-70 runs to the west and connects Morehead City NC to the coast and the heartland of North Carolina.

Just a short cross of the the Bogue Sound, via the causeway, is the popular destination town and sands of Atlantic Beach.

As you continue farther south, along the Atlantic Ocean, this area of coastal North Carolina is known as the “Crystal Coast.

The North Carolina Crystal Coast includes beach towns ~ Indian Beach, Salter Path and Emerald Isle.

Believe me, it is a beach goers heaven.

If you haven’t seen this part of North Carolina, it’s worth the trip.

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There is an intercity bus service that makes getting around town very convenient.

The Coastal NC best places to live of New Bern is fifty minutes north, Jacksonville is an hour away to the west, and Coastal Wilmington NC is a little over two hours away, to the south.

Morehead City, North Carolina has a population of 9,680 people and is located in Carteret County with a total population of 64,423 people.

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