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The NC Beaches Best Place of Jacksonville are currently the home of the largest expeditionary Marine force in the world.

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Jacksonville NC Beaches

Since 1941, 246 square miles have been home to Camp Lejeune and and the nearby Marine New River Air Station.

Coastal Jacksonville NC is home to thousands of men and woman in the United States armed forces.

Due largely to Camp Legeune and the Air Station, there is a high degree of economic security to the area.  And a younger population.

Jacksonville NC has a population of approximately 69,220 people and Onslow County is home to over 173,064 people.

And did you know that Jacksonville North Carolina was named after President Andrew Jackson in 1842?

Sitting at the head of the New River which leads to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. As you would suspect the NC Beaches Best Place of Jacksonville enjoys great weather.

The beaches of Jacksonville NC enjoy the economic and recreational benefits of any NC coastal best places to live.

It’s no wonder this NC Beaches Best Place is the commercial center of the thirty mile stretch of lovely beaches of Jacksonville NC.

Atlantic Beach is one of the premier spots for swimming, fishing and just about all the water sports you can imagine.  You can enjoy the day fishing or boating and scuba diving.  Maybe you’d like to sit on the beach and watch all the people.

Jacksonville is a part of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast so having fun on beautiful white sandy beaches is only a short car ride away and the New River Inlet and nearby Atlantic Ocean are perfect for all types of water sports.

Jacksonville NC is part of the Crystal Coast along with Morehead City NC, Beaufort SC and Emerald Isle, all of which are about an hour away.

Other NC Beaches Best Place large cities nearby include:

And if you’re seeking a bigger city still, head on over to the Research Triangle and the North Carolina Capitol of Raleigh in the Piedmont region.  The Research Triangle is about a 2 hour drive.

The main roads, around Jacksonville NC, are Routes 17 and 258 which run north and south.
To the north, the roads meet up with Route 70. Route 53 connects to Interstate 40, in the west, about an hour outside of town.

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