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Best Places To Live Coastal NC Greenville, American Demographics Magazine predicts will be among the Top Ten American places for growth rate and employment in the next twenty years.

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Sports Illustrated Magazine and the National Parks and Recreation Association ranked the best places to live Coastal NC of Greenville as the best sports town in North Carolina.

Coastal NC Best Place Greenville has a population of about 89,852 people and is the county seat of Pitt County, with a population of about 159,057 people.

These figures do not take into consideration the amount of college students in the area.

Eastern Carolina University and Pitt University.

While school is in session, the population of Greenville swells by about 20,000.

As the colleges of Greenville NC represent about a quarter of the population, its obvious that this Coastal NC Best Place is a vibrant and growing college town.

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Start Your New Life Right In Coastal North Carolina!

Greenville is an exciting place to live, serving much of eastern North Carolina’s entertainment and city needs.

The central location of Greenville NC provides access to other large cities and the North Carolina beaches.

Learn about living in Coastal NC Best Place Greenville before you make the move.  Find your best place to live in North Carolina.

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