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The Coastal NC best places to live of Goldsboro is a town steeped in history and legend.

Coastal NC Best Places To Live Goldsboro NC

Goldsboro NC

Local rumors insist that before Andy Griffith moved to Mayberry, he taught drama to Goldsboro’s high-school students.

Some residents believe barbecue was born in this NC Coast best places to live.

The town of Goldsboro is full of historic places on the National Register.

From stately old home to public buildings with outstanding architecture.

Residents of Goldsboro can trace their roots way back to 1847 when railroad lines made Goldsboro an important trade stop.

Goldsboro NC is located off I-70 and within a half hour of I-40 and I-95 intersection. This provides access to north, south and west.

Located in the heartland of North Carolina, Goldsboro is north of the cliffs of the Neuse River. The Neuse River cliffs are known as a North Carolina natural wonder.

Although Goldsboro is considered a North Carolina “Coastal” town, you need to keep in mind the North Carolina coastline is broken into two distinct areas.

  1. the immediate coast, the tidewater area and;
  2. the interior section that connects with the Piedmont Plateau

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Goldsboro is one of the NC Coast best places to live located in the interior section of coastal North Carolina.

An ideal position to reach the North Carolina coast or the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of Raleigh and the Research Triangle metro area.

Meanwhile, another on the list of  NC Coast best places to live and only a short drive is New Bern.  Along with the beautiful NC beaches.   The beaches are only and hour and a half east and Raleigh is an hour west.

Learn more about how to find your NC Coast Best Places to live and about North Carolina living.

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