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North Carolina Coast best places to live must include Edenton!  Edenton is located at the mouth of the Albemarle Sound.

Relocate Or Retire Edenton North Carolina Coast Best Places To Live

Edenton NC Coast Best Places To Live

The Albemarle Sound is the largest body of fresh water other than the Great Lakes.

The North Carolina Coastal Best Place of Edenton NC and the Albemarle Sound have history to spare.

Rows of cannons line this North Carolina harbor, dating back to the 18th Century, when foreign ships would dock there.

Edenton North Carolina continues to host vessels from all ports.  It offers a marina with 12 slips.

The marina provides protected docking on the Intracoastal Waterway.

The beautiful North Carolina coastal climate in Edenton ranges from average low of 32 to average highs of 87.

Route 17 is the major road that leads in and out of Edenton North Carolina running southwest to northeast.

The closest large cities to Edenton are in Virginia.

Suffolk is an hour and fifteen minutes and Norfolk is and hour and twenty-five minutes north.

Edenton NC has a population of 5,043 people and is in Chowan County, which has a total population of 14,784.

The closest, larger North Carolina Coastal Best Place cities and towns are:

The Research Triangle in Piedmont North Carolina is  about two hours and forty five minutes west and home to best places to live of:

And living in Edenton you’re only about two hours and fifteen minutes from the beautiful beaches of the North Carolina Coast best places to live of Wilmington.

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Edenton North Carolina is definitely on my list of one of the North Carolina Coast Best Places to live.

If you’re considering retiring or relocating to the beaches of North Carolina or you already live in North Carolina and are looking for a change, make sure you consider North Carolina Coast Best Place to live of Edenton.

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