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Cedar Island NC Coast Best Places To Live ~ Learn About Living In Coastal NC

Cedar Island NC

The best place to live NC Coast of  Cedar Island is among the top of the list.

If you love waterfowl and a variety of flora and fauna you’re not going to find much better along the Cedar Island NC Coast best places to live beaches.

This C Coast best places to live makes its home in the middle of a National Wildlife Refuge.

And is located northeast of another NC Coast best places to live ~ Morehead City.

Cedar Island North Carolina is about 4 miles long and is what many of us would call very remote.

And it doesn’t have much in the way of commercial establishments.

Many people believe that to be one of Cedar Island’s strongest assets.

If you love the water and want a very quiet uninterrupted lifestyle, Cedar Island may be your best place to live NC Coast.

For the tourists that do frequent the island, there are a few places to stay.  Including the Driftwood Motel.  Located on the water, the Driftwood has a motel, campground and seafood restaurant with a gift shop.

Cedar Island NC beaches face the east which helps shield it from the fury of tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Start Your New Life Right In Coastal NC

Heading south from Cedar Island towards the best place to live NC or SC Coast Beaufort SC and Morehead City NC you’ll pass through the quiet towns of Atlantic, Davis and Sea level.

All have remained virtually untouched by the high profusion of tourism that has scathed the rest of the Outer Banks in Coastal North Carolina .

These best place to live NC Coast beach spots are worth checking out.

Cedar Island NC…could be your best place to live NC Coast .

Chart a different course if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing place to call your best place to live.

Head for Cedar Island NC Coast Best Places To Live and these less traveled, quieter spots.

More than likely, you won’t miss the crowds.

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