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Robert Bencivenga is a professional site locator for major corporations. Bob finds affordable best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina. Bob Does Not Sell Real Estate!

Good Morning Lisa,

It’s extremely timely that you wrote me. I just got back from a road trip to find new South Carolina best places to live.

Based on what is important to you in finding a new place, I would recommend several areas around the Coastal South Carolina best places to live of Charleston. As well as the city of Charleston itself.

There is a wide employment base in Charleston and its outlying small towns and cities. The water is 20-30 minutes from anywhere around Charleston. The city is really alive with music, the arts, festivals, galleries, and great restaurants and shopping! And nice people.

Try Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, James Island and Johns Island.

Summerville is 30 minutes north of Charleston and right off Route 26. It is going to be a very popular small town and is on my list of South Carolina Best Places To Live.   Which should create good value for anyone buying there now.

Georgetown SC is northeast of Charleston and very nice.  However work might be tough to come by.

Take a look at another small city on my list of Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live Beaufort. It is just southwest of Charleston.

It’s small, but you may be able to work out of Savannah, GA. In Upstate South Carolina, the best places to live of Greenville/Spartanburg, SC offers a lot.  And you can get real value there! It’s right off Interstate 85, and will continue to grow.

Also, read some of my articles under “Planned Communities.” I’ve broken the South Carolina Best Places To Live planned communities down by mountain, lake, coastal, etc.. You’ll also get an idea of what to look for and what to watch out for in picking a new place.

Take a look at our Guides in which I’ve handpicked some spots I feel are good values and have great lifestyles.

Be Well and See You In The Carolinas, Bob

Good Morning Amy,

Well, first for the bad news….

You can’t have the ocean and mountains at the same time, unless you go to the Pacific Northwest.

The good news is you can have the mountains and a mountain lake!

However, the mountains won’t give you the warmer climate in December, January, February, and March.  So I’m taking you and yours back to the ocean. The Coastal South Carolina best places to live have the warmer climate you’re looking for!

Some more bad news…if you’re near the ocean, things get pricier! Closer to $200 – $300,000 plus. However, I would suggest several areas. I would also look for properties the banks own due to foreclosure. This is the time to find some real deals.

I would look at Johns Island and James Island outside Charleston SC.  Also Beaufort SC and Savannah GA just southwest of Charleston.  And the Coastal North Carolina best places to live of New Bern which is 40 mins. from the beach so prices are a bit more reasonable.

And the small coastal towns outside Wilmington NC (if hurricanes don’t scare you.)

I would also consider the Coastal South Carolina best place to live of Georgetown which is northeast of Charleston.  And of course many people love the Myrtle Beach area…there are lots of condos available!

Hope this helps!  And remember, this is not investment advice. You need to go to these places, do your own due diligence, and hire competent professionals.

See You in the Carolinas, Bob

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Retire Or RelocateUltimate Guide To Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas

Make Your NC and SC Dream Come True!

Good Morning Jeff,

It’s nice to hear from you!

Your first step should be to ask yourself, “What’s Important To You?”  Most people go off and end up in a place that doesn’t feel right because they’ve never asked themselves that question ahead of time.

In your case, you’ve determined a Lake Planned Community is important. I’d suggest you decide what size town you would like to be accessible.  And what services have to be available.  Just to mention two important things most people need to consider. Also, will you be working?

Lasdon, being just south of one of the Coastal South Carolina best places to live of Summerville.  And off Route 26, could serve you nicely.  And you will get good value for your money.  But what Lake will you be living on?

I like the Coastal best places to live small cities of Georgetown and Pawleys Island. As the migration of people to North Carolina and South Carolina continues, Charleston SC will continue to spread out.

Don’t overlook Beaufort SC and its attractive location between Savannah and Charleston. There’s water all around it, although it’s not a “lake”.

Take a look at my Planned Communities section.  You’ll find great comprehensive articles on South Carolina Lake Communities.  Savannah Lakes has been making some pretty attractive offers. The Anderson area has good value and a bright future. Oh; by the way, it also has a LAKE!!!

I like the Rock Hill SC area just south of a Piedmont North Carolina best places to live – Charlotte. Charlotte is a great city and keeps showing up at the top of the list, in all my research.  Lake Wylie is there and staying on the South Carolina side of things makes it more affordable…the best of both worlds!

One more thing, don’t overlook foreclosures as a way to get more for your money. I would look for those properties the bank has already taken back.  They are called REO’s for “Real Estate Owned.”

Banks don’t like owning real estate and are usually anxious to get rid of it. Two good sites are and

As always, I must say this is not investment advice. You must do your own due diligence and hire the proper professionals.

Good Luck, Bob


Hi Wendi,

Thank You for your generous offer of “hooking us up” in Tennessee! We reviewed quite a number of places there.   And I found some of them to be truly undervalued for what they have to offer now.  And how they will develop over the next 5-10 years.

It takes a lot of poking around to uncover the gems.  You need to know what to look for, and what to watch out for. It also takes people stopping long enough to really think about and make a list of What’s Important To Them in relocating to a new area, and finding their best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina.

I am sending you by separate email a great report on the Greenville SC/ Spartanburg, SC area.  As I said previously, I feel the area has a lot to offer you. You’ll find good values there, and it’s a nice size to have a good assortment of services and activities for you and your family.  But still has a very livable quality to it.

Again, it depends on what you want. Other people might want more of a metropolitan feel. However, Charlotte NC is within striking distance, so you can have the best of both worlds!

Another best place to live I feel you need to consider and visit is Anderson SC, just west of Greenville.

Good Luck To You, Bob


Hi Barbara,

It was nice to hear from you!

Just so you know, I believe people find their best real estate values, services, and lifestyles by locating themselves just outside a major metropolitan area.  Usually in a smaller town or city. Or by locating in a small town within a short distance to several other small towns around it.

the Coastal South Carolina best place to live of Summerville is a perfect example of that. It still maintains that small town feel.  But with many services of its own.  Best of all, it is also only 30 minutes northwest of Charleston SC. You are in for a treat, when you visit it after Christmas!

Be Well,  Bob

Hi Chad,

Based on the fact of where you and your fiance currently live, two big cities, I’m surprised you would consider Greenville?! Will you find enough of everything there that you’ve come to take for granted in San Fran and Phoenix?

I happen to feel the Greenville SC/Spartanburg SC area is a well kept secret!!

It’s got great value for your money and being along the I-85 corridor, a very bright future!

I would contact the Chamber and Economic Development Agency in the area to make a list of major employers. Get a copy of the yellow pages, and start getting the local paper.

Having family there will be a big help, but I’d make a list of things an area must have for you to be happy, and see how Greenville stacks up.

The Charlotte NC area isn’t too far away, and might give you more diversity and opportunities for employment.

Remember, this is not investment advice, and you must always do your own due diligence.

Good Luck to both of you! See You in the Carolinas, Bob


Good Morning,

If you want a little warmer climate, check out Aiken SC, northeast of Augusta, GA.  Great small town with a big future!

Sumter National Forest is nearby. Also, Coastal Georgetown SC northeast of Charleston SC. Still affordable, and Pawleys Island is nearby along with Francis Marion National Forest, Lake Moultrie, Lake Marion, and an ocean setting.

I’m trying to give you some smaller towns that will grow as time goes on, but you can afford now and build in value. They aren’t as affordable as Troy, but you might see more upside in the future.

As far as Raleigh and Charlotte go, they’re pretty big metropolitan areas.  For smaller towns I like Monroe and Matthews which are southeast of Charlotte.

Also, if you don’t mind it just a bit cooler, you should look at the Asheville NC, Hendersonville, NC and Brevard NC. You had better get going…you’ve got some sites to see and homework to do!

Good Luck…See You in the Carolinas, Bob


Hi Melanie,

I sent you a snapshot of Greensboro NC in a separate email.  Let me know that you got it!

I feel Greensboro is well located due to its proximity to the Interstate 85 corridor. And its great position between the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of Winston Salem and Durham.

However I feel there are other areas in which “equestrian communities” are more prevalent, along with your equine friends.  If you have something set up in Greensboro, don’t shy away from it.  You can find well-priced housing in the area.

The triangle of Mill Spring NC/ Tryon NC/ Landrum SC is “horse country”! These are small towns southeast of Hendersonville NC and northwest of Spartanburg SC.

Greenville/Spartanburg,SC would provide good housing values for your dollar.  And I believe will continue to grow in the future.

You’ll also find many equestrian communities west of Asheville NC in the Waynesville NC, Sylva NC area.

As always, this isn’t investment advice. You must do your own due diligence and hire competent professionals to advise you.

Be Well, Bob


Good Morning Larry,

I’ve picked areas to research based on affordability, lifestyle and hidden value.

Also, I kept an eye on crime when I included the towns in the Places Of Value Guide. A number of towns didn’t make it because of high crime. There is a section under each town on schools. A good place to further research schools is

It’s harder to find “affordable” waterfront areas where prices and taxes are not either already out of control or going in that direction. But they do exist!

If you’re interested in “coastal living”, there are a number of places in North Carolina and South Carolina that would suit you very well.

Also, look at places that aren’t right on the water, so you can get more for your money, especially now. Places like Wilmington in NC; and Charleston and Beaufort in SC. Wilmington is a “good buy” right now because of the recent adjustment in real estate prices.

The Coastal South Carolina best places to live of Summerville, Mt. Pleasant and Johns Island outside Charleston might be more to your liking.  If you found Edisto a bit remote.

The Myrtle Beach SC area is a bit too built up for me, although Conway is nice.  It gets you out of the thick of it but still close. You should find reduced prices in the Myrtle Beach area.   Along with other areas, things are overbuilt and there is a big inventory that will take quite some time to sell off!

Also, I like Coastal New Bern NC very much! Although the coast is about 40 minutes south, the Rivers in New Bern are incredible.

You can also consider some of the mountain lakes in western North Carolina in places like Asheville, Lake Lure, Cashiers, and Bryson City.

Check out our Planned Community Articles.  You’ll find Lake and Coastal Communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Also, take a look at our Guides. I’ve reviewed over 100 places which I’ve picked for good value and lifestyle, now and in the future!



Good Morning Chuck,

North Carolina was just voted for the 7th year in a row, one of the top economic growth areas in the country. I feel that’s a good start for you.
Charleston SC was voted in the top 10 areas for job growth… another great area for you.

In NC, I would look at the New Bern NC area. It’s safe, the people are the friendliest I’ve ever met anywhere, it’s a nice small town (approximately 30,000) in a much larger county. The housing is affordable and it’s accessible to a lot of water! Also, Havelock and Morehead City are just south of it by 25-40 minutes.

I love Wilmington NC, but I find it a bit expensive. You know I’m more about trying to find undervalued best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina for my subscribers, before they become too popular and expensive.  So although Wilmington is really nice, it’s a bit overpriced for my interest.

I just got back at looking at lots of areas all around Charleston, SC. The City is truly amazing…beautiful housing, nightlife, culture, friendly people, the arts, and water everywhere! However, the City itself is very expensive, BUT there are plenty of affordable areas just outside it! See West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island and James Island.

You should also consider Georgetown SC, just northeast of Charleston.

Also, go southwest to Beaufort SC and check it out. It’s a Town the size of New Bern. It is big enough to have services, even if in the surrounding area, but still with a nice small town feeling. While you are there, go a bit further south into Savannah, GA. Both these areas have a lot of “value” to offer.

Let me know how you make out…. And please give my web address to your friends!

Be Well,  Bob

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for writing!

I got your voice mail, and I’m glad you have decided what’s important to you in finding your Dream Place. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget that step!  Your desire to be near the ocean in a small city, but yet a half hour away from a larger city brings several places to mind.

Seeing as you don’t want it to be hot all the time, I kinda rule out South Carolina, but you need to ask yourself if you could put up with humid heat for June, July, August and September. Because, if you can it can be truly worth it!

Charleston SC is a great place! Take a look at Mount Pleasant and West Ashley right outside Charleston. They’re fairly developed, so that could take care of your local needs, and great beaches are 30 minutes away. Also, visit Summerville SC which is northwest of Charleston. I’ll be putting up some videos about the areas in the next 30 days. I’ll notify my subscribers!

If you want it a bit cooler, check out New Bern in North Carolina. It’s a small city of 30-35,000 people with a much bigger county population. You’re in striking distance of Kinston NC, Goldsboro NC and Jacksonville NC. The beaches are 35-40 minutes.

Good Luck,  Bob

Hi Julie,

I am between NY and the Carolinas.

I am in the same process as most of my subscribers, researching that next move. I’ve purchased several properties in the Carolinas, but haven’t made the move yet due to family circumstances, winding up businesses, etc.

I make no bones about one of my favorite areas being Asheville NC. It has everything you describe, but the job market isn’t really robust yet. They are trying to draw other types of companies there, and it’s starting to happen. Right now, the jobs center around the service industries…hotels, restaurants, tourism, retail.

I also feel Charlotte NC has a lot to offer now and will continue to do so. It’s stable and progressive. There’s a growing young professional component in the downtown area.

I don’t know what size town you’re looking for, but those are two that go from small town (90,000 pop.) to medium size city.

I also think the growth in Summerville SC is attractive Good value, nice town, friendly people, and far enough away from the coast, yet close enough to enjoy Charleston, which is fabulous.

Go read the Free Articles at my site and read my blog posts.

You’ll get some other ideas, free reports, etc…No Charge!

Good Luck, Bob

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