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Planned Communities In SCFinding the right Planned Communities In SC for you to retire or relocate doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

If your Best Place to live has to be strong neighborhoods and just about everything you want within walking distance, then we recommend looking at an increasingly popular planned community choice for people retiring or relocating to South Carolina:

The New Urbanism Planned Communities In SC.

What is New Urbanism?

Don’t worry; New Urbanism Planned Communities In SC is not some misguided attempt to replicate a big city within the confines of a gated planned community.

New Urbanism is a movement advocating a return to walkable neighborhood based communities.

Simply, places that have a healthy mix of people of all ages and income levels as well as a return to a community where residential and commercial properties sit side by side.

What a great way to grow older or a great way to bring up our kids.

Most New Urbanism communities are set up around an attractive town center or square containing everything from retail shops and grocery stores to community buildings and schools.

Neighborhoods are tightly clustered around the town center and most everything is situated to ensure that wherever you need to go it’s completely within walking distances.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for your typical New Urbanism community to have miles and miles of sidewalks to ensure that you can get where you’re going without a car while at the same time increasing the likelihood you’ll get to know your neighbors.

Parks and green spaces help accentuate and reinforce all the wonderful features of Planned Communities In SC that promote interaction among people of all stripes and stations and there’s usually plenty of undeveloped land set aside for future use.

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If after this brief introduction you’re suddenly interested in finding a New Urbanism community for your relocation or retirement in South Carolina, rest assured that you have a lot of options and New Urbanism communities can be found in just about any corner of the state.

If your looking to live near the coastline and intrigued by the laid back charm of Low Country living there’s the award winning Habersham near Beaufort SC.

Only minutes from the ocean, Habersham has the classic southern architecture of places like Charleston SC, narrow streets lined with oak trees, and beautiful homes with wide open porches that make it hard not to get to know your neighbors.

Heading west to the midlands you’ll find Planned Communities In SC like Lake Carolina just northeast of Columbia SC, the state capital.

Lake Carolina offers modern living in a small town package, a wide variety of amenities that cater to everyone from retirees and empty nesters to families and young professionals and since its near the very center of the state you can take day trips to anyplace in the state or region as a whole.

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for but have heard that the mountains are a beautiful place to live, then check out the Montebello community near Greenville SC.

Whereas many new Urbanism Planned Communities In SC for relocation and retirement in South Carolina try to recreate a genteel southern past, Montebello’s architecture and layout is inspired by Italian and French country villages.

You’ll find multiple town squares and green spaces amid pedestrian friendly neighborhoods of Tuscan style villas and homes all set within the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

Clearly there’s a lot to do and see when it come to finding your best place to retire or relocate in South Carolina.

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