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The decisions to be made when considering  South Carolina Communities for Retirement are many. Especially when it comes to finding your Best  city or small town to live.

South Carolina Private Residence Communities for Retirement Frankly, not everyone is prepared to make a full-time move to South Carolina or even think about buying a new home.

We all have different plans and motivations.  Finding a gated planned community in a traditional small town or city may not be your best place to live.

If you’re in this quandary you may want to think about an increasingly popular option.

Many people considering South Carolina for retirement are investing in Private Residence Communities.

Private residence Communities for Retirement trace their origins back to the vacation home exchange.  The exchange was set up in the French Alps during the 1960’s.  It allows people to buy time at an apartment or condominium instead of buying property.

This system started the growth of the timeshare industry.  But Private Residence Communities for Retirement or clubs are quite distinct from a timeshare arrangement. Instead of buying time at a particular community you are actually buying a deeded share of a property within that community.

This is often called “fractional ownership” or “fractional deeded ownership.” This provides you the advantages of owning property without having to worry about all the intangibles of actually maintaining a second home.

Your ownership share in a property at Private Residence Communities allows you to stay at the property for a certain number of weeks a year.   Often anywhere from four weeks to several months depending upon your situation and the community.

Most retirees who’ve decided to invest in a Private Residence community or club are attracted to the flexibility and financial advantages they provide.

Fractional ownership and not having all the worries about maintaining a second home for part of the year are often cited by the top class facilities and the wide variety of amenities are also a major consideration.

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Save Money When You Move To South Carolina

Most Private Residence communities or club are actually located near or within exclusive private resorts or planned communities.  These resorts and communities cater to people with a lot of disposable income and it shows.  But if you look around, there is a wide range of private residence opportunities for South Carolina retirement.

Many South Carolina private residence Communities for Retirement are located along the Atlantic coast.  Who doesn’t love beautiful beaches for retirement?

Within the Daniels Island community of Charleston SC there is the Charleston Club private residence community.

Membership in the Charleston Club is limited to only 104 residents who share ownership in eight fully furnished three bedroom penthouse residences.  Residents have access to the same high level of services and amenities of your typical Daniels Island resident.

If you’re not interested in living on the coast but want to make a move to South Carolina, you may want to look at the Legacy Club in Seneca.  The Club is not far from the Keowee Mountain community on Lake Keowee in northwestern Upstate South Carolina.

The Legacy Club is typical of a mountain private residence community.  It emphasizes peace and relaxation close to nature.  And it offers two story lakefront homes, many with private boat docks, access to the community spa and some of the most beautiful natural scenery in South Carolina.

South Carolina Private residence Communities for Retirement are one of many living options available to those thinking making the move to South Carolina.

Make sure the areas on your list of the Best cities and small towns to live in South Carolina, meet all your needs and dreams.

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