NC New Ruralism Communities NOT Just for Retirees


If you’re thinking Retirement or Relocation you may want to consider finding NC New Ruralism Communities.

North Carolina New Ruralism CommunitiesNorth Carolina New Ruralism Communities are offering something that appears new but is as old as the world itself…

The “New Ruralism” planned community

Now what do we mean by “NC New Ruralism Communities”?

As a movement to change the dynamic between urban and rural areas, New Ruralism advocates that rural areas on the edge of large metropolitan areas are important to the overall sustainability of those areas.

New Ruralism recommends moderate sized land-use patterns, sustainable agriculture and increased integration of urban and rural communities.

This New Ruralism concept has been adopted and in some ways redefined by the developers of a number of planned communities not only in North Carolina but throughout the nation.

This type of community  is quickly becoming one of the Best Places to live for NC Retirement and Relocation Living!

In terms of planned communities, New Ruralism communities place a premium on privacy and a connection with nature.

North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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This is achieved by creating a community where the home sites are little larger and they are separated by large, often undisturbed, open spaces shared by everyone in the planned community.

In many cases these open spaces are distinctive natural features like meadows or woodlands, set aside nature preserves and in some cases even cultivated agricultural land.

Also, most NC New Ruralism Communities are usually not going to have the same level of amenities, recreational facilities, etc. that a typical planned community in North Carolina boasts.

New Ruralism planned communities are great for NC Retirement AND Relocation.

For those looking for a simpler, quieter life in a beautiful setting and since New Ruralism communities do place a premium on your individual privacy and peace of mind.  You have the choice of being as involved or uninvolved in what happens in that community as you want.

You get to define what your NC lifestyle will be like.

Many of the New Ruralism communities in North Carolina are found in the western Mountain region and other areas with large numbers of nature preserves.

Typical of a mountain New Ruralism community is the Catawba Falls Preserve community in beautiful Black Mountain NC just east of Asheville NC.

Situated right next to the Pisgah National Forest, Catawba Falls Preserve is a gated planned community with wide open spaces, quiet, private homesteads and beautiful mountain views.

As with many New Ruralism communities in the western mountains, a typical housing lot size at Catawba Falls runs anywhere from 2 to 20 acres.  If you want shops, recreation centers and entertainment, you’ll have to run to Black Mountain, Asheville NC or some place else.

If you’re not interested in mountain living, there are other types of New Ruralism communities throughout NC.  Cline Farm in Lincolnton NC, northwest of the ever popular city of Charlotte NC in the southern Piedmont region.

Cline Farm is built around an old agricultural community. While not as spread out as a mountain community nevertheless puts a lot of emphasis on a rural lifestyle and being in touch with the land.

Housing in the community consists of much smaller acreage but nonetheless is mixed in with or borders over 25 miles of federally protected wetlands.

City or small town living isn’t for everybody, nor is life in the typical gated planned community.

However, if you value privacy, space and the wonders of nature. Best Place to Live in North Carolina for Your Relocation or Retirement

Let me be your Expert in assisting you in finding Your best place to relocate or retire.

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