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What if while planning to retire or relocate to Planned Communities In North Carolina you become nostalgic?

What if New Urbanism Planned Communities In North Carolinayou decide you want to find a smaller city or small town in North Carolina that reminds you of the old neighborhood you grew up in quieter times?

Now, suppose that after looking at all the smaller towns and city neighborhoods you just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?

You may want to consider one of the latest trends Planned Communities In North Carolina: New Urbanism.

New Urbanism is an urban planning movement that emphasizes a return to walkable neighborhoods.

It promotes a good mix of residential and commercial properties.  Which means you may only have to walk to the store for a gallon of milk.

A return to the kind of neighborhoods that the automobile and stricter zoning regulations have over time made increasingly rare.

New Urbanism Planned Communities In North Carolina are popular with retirees as well as young families.

They usually consist of tightly clustered neighborhoods.  The neighborhoods are situated around a town center where most everything you need is there.

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From a post office to shops, restaurants, schools and other community buildings.   All are within easy walking distance. Seriously doesn’t that sound nice and convenient?

In fact, most New Urbanism planned communities often have several miles of sidewalks that connect just about everything in the community.

Moreover, New Urbanism communities seek to attract and promote interaction among people of all walks of life, ages, professions and income levels to compliment the purposeful all-inclusive layout of the planned community.

New Urbanism Planned Communities In North Carolina while having all the amenities of a typical small town or traditional planned community, also tend to leave undeveloped green spaces within the community for the benefit of its residents.

No matter where you decide to retire or relocate in North Carolina, you can be assured that there is a New Urbanism community somewhere close.

In North Carolina, many New Urbanism planned communities can be found near Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh in the Piedmont region.  And in the southern Piedmont region the best city to live of Charlotte.

Typical of a New Urbanism community in this area is the Bedford at Falls River in north Raleigh. The quaint village atmosphere; iconic central square with clock tower, retail and professional complex and extensive greenways has made it an award winning planned community.

If you are interested in living on near the North Carolina beaches, you may want to look at Devaun Park at Ocean Harbor in Calabash NC.

Sitting on the Calabash River near the Atlantic Ocean, Devaun Park’s sleepy coastal village sports a central square, compact neighborhoods with tree lined sidewalks and a beautiful riverfront park.

Although not as numerous, you can find New Urbanism communities in North Carolina’s mountain region as well.

Places like Straus Park near Brevard offering you classic American neighborhoods.   This community is full of Tudor and Arts & Craft style housing with a definite nod to local Appalachian culture and beautiful mountain views.

If want to retire or relocate to North Carolina and you’re looking for a new sense of place in a classic American neighborhood setting, a place that truly values not only community but the people who live within it then take a chance and look into a New Urbanism planned community.

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