South Carolina Gated Communities for Retirement


Finding your Best Place to live in South Carolina Gated Communities can offer a lot of challenges.

South Carolina Gated Communities

What makes South Carolina Gated Communities such a good choice for Your Best Place to Retire ?

The choices for those thinking of  South Carolina Retirement, must include one of the more popular options in recent years… the Gated Community for retirees.

In fact, if you were to go through our Places of Value South Carolina Communities Directory, you’ll find of the 127 planned communities we’ve examined.

Almost two thirds are fully gated communities or have neighborhoods that are gated.

Moreover, the Census Bureau’s 2007 American Household Survey found nearly 3 million retirees nationwide had found homes in gated communities and the numbers have been rising each year.

For some, gated communities have scary connotations. However, I define gated communities simply as residential communities enclosed by gates or fences with some form of a controlled entrance, be it a gate or some form of guard house.

As a retirement option in South Carolina a gated community should be recognized as one of several worthwhile options.

Among others, choosing South Carolina Gated Communities for your retirement brings with it the fact that many are their own self-contained communities with any number of amenities available to residents.

Make sure you choose a community that supports your lifestyle.

Most communities for retirement offer amenities from golf courses, pools and tennis courts to free lawn care and maintenance services.

Imagine no need for snow removal or cutting the grass!

One thing many retirees who choose gated communities in South Carolina emphasize is that they feel safer because a controlled entrance and security detail lessen the likelihood that non-residents will enter the community.

And if you are new to South Carolina or the area of South Carolina you have chosen as your best place to live, you may just find it easier to meet your neighbors.

Furthermore, since buying a home is a major investment, retirees feel more secure in their investment because a well-maintained and physically secure gated community better protects that investment from the declining property values that plague many city and suburban neighborhoods.  Especially today.

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Another thing many in retirement like about living in gated communities is the fact that it allows them to connect with people who share similar values and lifestyle choices.  These similarities make South Carolina Gated Communities as a whole a better place to live, grow and enjoy their retirement years.

Many of the South Carolina Gated Communities communities with distinctively South Carolina flair can be found not far from the coast, like Islands of Beaufort in Beaufort SC; the kind of place with outdoor recreational opportunities that include everything from golf to shrimping and crabbing.

Moreover, gated “Active Adult communities” that center around outdoor recreation and personal development are quite popular among retirees in South Carolina and many are reserved for residents age 55 and up.

Take a look at Communities like Lakeside Crossing on the coast in Myrtle Beach SC or Hunter’s Ridge at Green Valley near the mountains in Greenville SC.

If you’re thinking that your Best Place is South Carolina Gated Communities for retirement, be assured that you will find a community that fits your budget and lifestyle choices just about anywhere in the state.

From the ocean of the South Carolina coastal region, the plateaus of the Piedmont and the Mountains of western South Carolina, your best place for retirement awaits.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of gated communities available to you in South Carolina but the greater sense of assurance and community is what makes gated communities a sure bet for your Best Place for South Carolina retirement.

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