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One of the more popular planned community options for people wanting to retire in NC is what we call the Active Adult Retirement Community.

Communities For Retirees In NCIt’s been said that North Carolina retirement doesn’t mean that one has to sit back and do nothing.

The term “Active Adult Community” itself is a reference to regulations set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Fair Housing Act.  This act deals with the regulations regarding age-restricted and age-targeted communities.

For instance, most Active Adult Retirement Communities stipulate at least one member of a household be 55 or older.  And restrict those 19 and younger from being permanent residents.

But in reality the key term is “active.”   Active Adult Communities are communities geared toward providing and fostering community activities.

I also like to call them Active Lifestyle North Carolina Retirement Communities.   Much of what attracts people to these communities is their focus on providing a variety of amenities.   The amenities allow retirees to live in North Carolina and enjoy independent and active lifestyles.

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Needless to say, baby boomers and others chafing at conventional expectations for retirement make up a large number of those attracted to Active Adult retirement communities.  You’ll find many residents continue working in some capacity either within the community or at their own businesses.

The fact that most of these communities also handle general maintenance and upkeep of the homes for their residents is also a big draw.

Can you imagine…no shoveling snow and no mowing the lawn.  I like that!!!

One of the interesting things about Active Adult Retirement Communities in North Carolina and elsewhere is the variety you’ll find among the communities and the amenities.

In general, Active Adult Retirement Communities may consist of a mix of condominiums, town houses, single-family homes, or manufactured housing.

They usually also provide basic amenities like fitness clubs, community centers, swimming pools and walking and biking trails.  But many Active Adult Communities are purposely designed around a particular activity like golf, tennis, fitness or some other form of outdoor activity.

For instance, if you go to the Cold Mountain Community in Waynesville or Connestee Falls in Brevard.  You’ll find communities organized around mountain lifestyles.  They take advantage of the beautiful scenery with activities like hiking, fly-fishing, horseback riding and kayaking.

If you head east to NC coast, the Midland Country Club in Pinehurst NC an area known for its golfing.   You’ll find a community organized around a 9 hole professionally designed golf course and over 20 acres of golfing facilities.

Clearly at some Active Adult Communities it is like living at a resort.  They offer first class outdoor recreational facilities and amenities but that isn’t necessarily so across the board.

For instance, at the Coastal Plantation community in Hampstead NC or Crowfields near Asheville you’ll see active adult communities geared more towards community centers with classes and less strenuous pursuits like card games and social events.

Whatever your reason for thinking your Best Place for Retirement is NC you clearly have a lot of choices.  And you can be confident there is a retirement community that meets your budget and lifestyle expectations.

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