7 Tips To Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities


Are you interested in affordable Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities?  North Carolina and South Carolina have received much attention in the past several years as the some of the Best Places to Live for retirement and relocation.

Choosing Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities

The cost of living is low and the housing is affordable,. The schools are good and the weather is great.   The food and cultural options abound, and of course there is that Southern hospitality.

People are retiring and relocating to North Carolina and  South Carolina from the Northeast and Midwest, and even north from Florida.

The decision of choosing a Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities is huge.

The Coastline, Piedmont and Mountain regions have something to offer for everyone . And many families are choosing to live in master planned communities .  These communities are popping up everywhere like flowers from the moist, spring ground.

Many of the Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities attract people because they provide an abundance of amenities.

Maybe you love them for the golf course, the pool, clubhouse, health center, organized classes, or social outings.

NC Coastal Best Place To Live Retire Or RelocateUltimate Guide To Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas

Make Your Dream Come True!

Some people choose planned communities with the security of a gated entrance, guard house and private patrol car.

There are many options suited for every type of person, but there are things that set one community apart from the next, and things to be aware of.

I’ve highlighted 7 things you must know when choosing Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities for your Best Places to Live in North Carolina or your Best Places to Live in South Carolina.

  1. Make sure you talk to other residents when visiting a community. Many Carolina Planned Communities host special events that will give you a chance to meet other residents. You’ll hear first hand what people like and don’t like. What they feel is good and what they think could be better. I also like to talk to residents randomly on my own, as I visit a community.
  2. If you’re buying a town home or a condominium with a common wall between units, check the noise ordinance of the community. What is permissible by law? You should also inquire as to the sound proofing between units.
  3. Visit the community at different times of the day, and night, during the week and on weekends. Listen for excessive noise from neighbors, delivery trucks, and building equipment. Observe the activities within the community and of your soon to be neighbors.
  4. Do you have the right and ability to expand you house later? What does the process involve?
  5. Does the community have adequate parking for its residents and their guests?
  6. Will there be any limitations (“Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – CC&R’s”) in your deed that governs the way you are allowed to use your property? What are they? Make sure they are compatible with your lifestyle.
  7. Are there added costs for trash removal, association dues, maintenance fees, boat slips, golf, tennis, pool, fitness club, and stables?

This list is a great start, but it only scratches the surface.

When choosing Carolinas Best Places To Live to retire or relocate to, there are so many considerations.

For those of us who may not have ever lived in a planned community before, there are questions we might not ask.

Remember not all Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities are for retirement.

Carolinas Best Places To Live Planned Communities living can be a great thing.

Let me help you find your Best Place to retire or relocate to in North Carolina and South Carolina.

After all, it’s your Dream Home we’re talking about!

Make Sure You Pick the Right Planned Community.

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