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Real Estate Costs Retirement In The CarolinasOn my list of high expenses in Carolina Retirement is transportation.

Does your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina include owning a car? Or, do you plan on living in a community or small town where you can walk to most services?  And what about grocery shopping?  If you plan on mass transportation or walking are you prepared to shop daily?

If you’ve decided your retirement includes owning a car, the good news is choosing a reliable, safe, and inexpensive car becomes easier every year.

There are plenty of options for inexpensive cars to choose from, Honda and Toyota being prime examples of cars which are easy on the pocket, and have great repair records and resale values.

While both North Carolina and South Carolina do get snow, it is nothing like the hard winters some of us have experienced most of our lives. Without the snow and ice of harsh winters, cars last a lot longer.  And they tend to need less maintenance.

However with owning your own car, you’ll have the extra costs.   Have you thought about the cost of insurance, gas, and repairs? And even though you are retiring it doesn’t mean the car you retire with will be your last car.

If you’re of the mindset, you may consider doing without a car.  Perhaps you’d like living in a city or town with good public transportation. Be sure to check out the location of the services you will need in proximity to your home.

Planned communities are another great option in NC and SC.

May Carolina Active Adult communities offer daily or weekly transportation to your major service areas for little or no money.

Also, Many cities offer senior car services for as little as $5.00 a day.

And if you’d like to get your exercise you may find living in a downtown and walking to the local market perfect for your lifestyle in retirement.

Remember, if you were to live in a city, you’ll need to compare the increased cost of housing and public transportation with those of owning a car.

Make sure your RETIREMENT is the Best!

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