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“I think it’s important [for people]to dream a little bit about what they  want to do next…” ~Ron Manheimer

Ron Manheimer knows a thing or two about retirement, retirees and the issues involved in starting a new life in a new location. And Ron Manheimer also knows a thing or two about moving to North Carolina or South Carolina.Retirement - Retirement Planning In The Carolinas

In addition to having been a professor of philosophy, Ron spent a number of years as the director of older adult education for the National Council of Aging.

Ron is not only a founding member of the nationally recognized North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement in Asheville but was its Executive Director for 21 years from 1988 to 2009.

Ron is a retiree himself having recently stepped down from his position as Executive Director at the NCCCR.  However Ron continues to be an internationally recognized speaker, educator and researcher.

He offers his extensive experience and advice about retirement and relocation issues to everyone from groups of future retirees to major corporations.

Ron has even begun his own consulting firm, the Manheimer Group which you can contact at

Recently, I was fortunate to be able to have a phone interview with Ron.   Ron shared his wisdom about all the common and uncommon things people need to be aware when they start thinking about retiring and relocating.

Among the many topics we discussed were:

  • the 5 key considerations retirees should take into account when planning to relocate
  • the common mistakes, or as Ron states, “learning opportunities” that arise when retirees decide to relocate
  • finding a smooth transition to life in a new community
  • developing criteria for finding a new community
  • solutions to the stress involved in relocating
  • the 9 phases of retirement planning

Take a minute and listen to this fascinating discussion with a longtime resident of the Carolinas and internationally recognized expert on retirees and retirement in its entirety.

Listen to the interview with Bob and Ron Manheimer

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