Carolina Retirement Planning Step 7 – Education


Now, for the final step of this series in about Carolina Retirement Planning and how to create a fulfilling and successful retirement.

7 Steps Fulfilling Carolina Retirement PlanningLet’s take a minute and recap what we’ve talked about so far.

And what steps you need to take to ensure you create a great retirement.

  • set aside some time for thought
  • looked into your past
  • decided if you want to work
  • how you will want to spend your free
  • maybe even interviewed potential employers or charities

And, you have decided ….

Going Back To School is your desire!

Congratulations!  This is Awesome!!! And I applaud you whatever the reasons for your decision.

Get your books ready.

More and more retirees are heading back to classes.  And there are a lot of great cities and small towns to choose from in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Many colleges are catering to older students.  They offer night classes, or exchanging credits for real-life work experience.

These might be the years for a new career or to pursue that hobby you’ve always been passionate about.  Now is your time to create an awesome retirement in your dream home!!!!!

Thank you and I hope we have kick-started your journey to a fulfilling and successful retirement, living in your best place in the Carolinas.

I wish you all the Best!

See you in the Carolinas!

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