Do I Need A Moving Company To Relocate To NC and SC?


Relocate To NC and SCAt this point, having found your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina, I am sure you have so much to think about.

So let’s just jump right in and get started……

Before you make your decision on whether to hire a moving company or not, you need to ask yourself some critical questions.

  1. Do you have the time to pack all your stuff?
  2. Are you in the physical condition to pack all your stuff (does your back hurt, can you lift)?
  3. Do you have friends and family that will help you load the truck?
  4. If not, can you afford to hire moving labor?
  5. Do you want to drive the truck if you move myself?
  6. Do you have a car you will have to transport to your new home?
  7. How much will it cost to hire a moving company?
  8. Can I afford to hire a moving company?
  9. How much money will I save by moving myself?

There are so many considerations when making the decision to hire a moving company.  You need to do some thinking and be realistic.  While we all think we have lots of time and friends to help us, is that realistic?

What else do you need to be doing in your final days before you Relocate To NC and SC?

And, if you decide to hire a truck and move yourself is your new home going to be ready for you to drive up in the driveway and unload?

And when you get there, who will help you to unload that 800lb piano?

And if your new home is not ready, will you be storing your furniture and belonging?

You get the idea.

The questions can seem endless.

I am not suggesting hiring a moving company or move yourself.   Only you know what is best for you but I am telling you to give it serious thought.

While self moving can seem the most affordable, what is the cost of your time and labor?

And while hiring a moving company can seem easiest, are you comfortable with letting a stranger handle your heirlooms?

There are some very helpful sites you need to check out. or provide quotes for moving companies, tips for packing,  a glossary of moving terms and  coupons!

And did you know there are even companies who will let you do the packing and unpacking and they do the driving? is a good start for a “you pack it, they drive it” company.

They’ll deliver a shipping container to your home, you have three days to pack it, they drive it, and then you have three days to unpack it.

Whether self moving or hiring a moving company,  get estimates from at least two companies.  Not only will prices vary but so will the terms and contracts.


According to

“Fortunately, the majority of moves are made without incident but the number of complaints against moving companies has increased steadily over the past decade, so it’s in your best interest to find out some of the ways you can be scammed by a disreputable company.

The best protection against moving scams is a well-informed consumer who does his homework every step of the way.

Moving is arduous, and having someone else do it for you doesn’t mean you can leave all the details in their hands.”

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