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South Carolina is a rapidly changing state, and that means South Carolina jobs reflecting broader trends which are being felt across the nation.

South Carolina JobsThe US economy has been increasingly affected by global integration and pressures from outside markets.

Tangible results of this can be found in the outsourcing of many manufacturing jobs to foreign countries.

Therefore, many people across the country are finding themselves unemployed as their jobs are moving overseas.

Or are simply disappearing as foreign markets take shares of traditionally US controlled industries.

If South Carolina has made it to the top of your best place to retire or relocate list, the good news is that South Carolina has been able to retain some manufacturing jobs.

Due to its aggressive efforts in attracting overseas investments.  This aggressiveness is evidenced in such high profile ventures as the BMW plant outside of Upstate Spartanburg SC.

The agricultural industry is also loosing jobs, either to consolidation or overseas competition.

As South Carolina’s job market changes from one focused on manufacturing and agricultural industries to more focus on high-skilled jobs such as education, health care, technology and business, many jobs will be created for educated workers.

One of the factors leading to greater demand for professionals in these areas is the retirement of many Baby Boomers.

The first wave of Baby Boomers to hit 65 was in 2011, and their retirement has left many skilled positions open to younger workers.

A gap is growing, created by the demand for skilled workers to fill a growing number of positions, and the availability of educated people to do the work.

There is also a pay gap growing in South Carolina and across the state.

While people previously employed in manufacturing and farming jobs are able to get new jobs in the service, hospitality, tourism, and retail industry, most of those jobs do not provide the type of economic security needed to sustain a family.

In 2007-2008 more than 33,000 new South Carolina jobs were created.

The largest gains in local government (8,200), professional and business services (6,800), retail trade (5,900), leisure and hospitality (5,600), and health care (4,900).

The biggest losses of jobs occurred in the manufacturing sector; more specifically 4,900 in non durable goods such as textiles and apparel, and 2,800 in the durable goods industry.

The good news for residents of Spartanburg County is that Adidas AG closed distribution centers in Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and moving to South Carolina, creating 1,200 new jobs.

Centers of South Carolina jobs growth are located in the metropolitan areas, with rural areas experiencing most of the negative effects loss of jobs brings.

South Carolina recently had an unemployment rate of 9.9%, with the national average of 8.5%.

The most vibrant areas of South Carolina are:

Those metropolitan areas with unemployment rates higher than the state rates are:

While the changing economy may mean tougher times for some, for skilled workers who have decided South Carolina is there best place to relocate or retire, it is a boon.

With the number of Baby Boomers retiring growing every year, there will be plenty of opportunities to find jobs that pay well for skilled workers.

Another positive point for South Carolina is its system of community colleges which offer classes to certify people in business applications and health care, amongst other things.

These classes are geared towards older learners, with inexpensive tuition and night classes offered.

Given the attractiveness of South Carolina’s pro-business attitude, and a commitment to training its workers to meet the economy’s changing demand, there is no reason why South Carolina’s growth and prosperity should change.

Even in these uncertain times, South Carolina is still a best place to relocate or retire.

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