Carolinas Money Matters


Simply put…Money Matters!  And in the Carolinas Money Matters!!

Carolinas Money MattersWhen faced with finding your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina, how you choose to spend your money is important.

Our surveys show that most people who are drawn to retiring or relocating to NC or SC are doing so because of the climate.

The second reason is affordability.

I’m not here to tell you you should or should not move to the Carolinas. I’m assuming you’ve made that decision already or at the very least are in the process of making that decision.

I am here to assist you in finding your best place to live in either North Carolina or South Carolina.

If your not from the Carolinas, there are some things you may not be aware of and like all of us, we assume state to state insurances, health care, jobs, taxes are pretty similar and in some cases people assume they are the same.

They are not.

It was challenging to know what to put in this section.  There is so much to talk about.

Carolinas Money Matters Articles:

Throughout the entire site you will find a variety of topics.

In particular, the Carolina Articles and How To Articles in some form or another have to do with money matters.

So while I will cover a few topics here make sure you take a look throughout the entire site to help you find your best place to relocate or retire in North Carolina or South Carolina.

As always if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact me.

See You in the Carolinas!

north carolina and South Carolina Best PlacesAbout The Author

Robert Bencivenga is a professional site locator and location analyst for major corporations. Robert researches the growth of NC and SC to find the Best Places to Retire or Relocate that are still affordable.

Robert Does Not Sell Real Estate!
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